Online Stores

Ecommerce websites are on the rise

According to the Centre for Retail Research, Canada’s online sector is forecast to grow 34% in 2016, and according to CIRA’s 2016 Ecommerce Factbook, Canadians will spend $39 billion online by 2019. So selling online is becoming an everyday part of retail sales.

Yet in 2015 over 40 percent of small businesses still did not have a website. If you’re in that 40%, consider this: 26 percent of people surveyed said that they do not trust businesses that do not have a website, and 63 percent said that having a website makes a business look more credible.

Magento, OpenCart, Shopify and WordPress

So what kind of online store do you need? The answer depends on the type and number of products you have to sell, and of course, your budget. We work with a variety of shopping cart products, including Magento, which is great for a large number of SKUs and because of it’s flexibility. Small stores or startups may prefer the features of Shopify because of the relatively lower cost to start. Somewhere in the middle would be WordPress or Drupal with eCommerce plugins/modules.

Maximize your ROI

eCommerce is not magic. It takes an investment of money and effort. We work with our clients to help them decide the best use of time and money, so they can maximize the return on their investment.

Do you want to reach more customers online? Tell us about your project and let's get started.