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Logo Design and Brand Identity

Our team of talented and experienced graphic designers will design a logo and brand identity that you will be proud of for years to come.

How important is your logo?

Logos are like people – they come in allsorts. We create logos that are as unique as the organizations behind them. It takes some time, some conversations and some creativity to get it right. Our clients know this and trust us to create the perfect logo for them – and we don’t disappoint them.

Corporate identity

It’s important that you have good visual identifiers for your organization, and that they are consistent and appropriate across all your visual communications, both external and internal. We can provide you with all the elements you’ll need for print and digital to reinforce positive brand awareness.

Branding – the larger picture

Corporate identity pieces like logos, wordmarks, avatars, tags, fonts, etc. are only part of a process that includes all elements of people’s experience with your company – your brand. So it’s not just your logo, it’s also your website content, the interactivity of your staff intranet, your sales and customer service processes, and more. We understand our role as a trusted partner in this endeavour; our clients appreciate our strategic thinking and our breadth of experience.

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