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TrackMyAED Plus

With our User Experience (UX) based Web Design and Development services, the owners of TrackMyAED Plus were able to take a good idea and knock it out of the park. The quick-loading, graphically rich web-based software is being eagerly adopted by EMS services and private organizations alike.

Web App Development

Showing too much information on one page can tax a busy website. With an updated database structure and new client-side coding, users can see more information faster than ever before.

Chart Usage
Chart Equipment
"My thanks go to the Dunham Group team for all the work on TrackMyAED Plus. They always give us lots of attention and respond to any need we have. Nothing is impossible at the Dunham!"
TrackMyAED Plus

Interactive Dashboard

We replaced boring rows and columns with a dashboard made up of pie charts, bar graphs, status colours and icons created in real-time, to quickly convey personalized information that is instantly understood.

TrackMyAED Plus Website Design

Interactive User Manual

Interactive User Manual

IT Solutions

Dunham Connect

With our integrated Dunham Connect services, web server improvements were identified and made seamlessly.

TrackMyAED has the benefit of a single source for all their web and IT needs, including email and network support.

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