Legal Health Check-Up

The Legal Health Check-Up website is an accessible (WCAG 2.0 Level A) bilingual online tool that helps people living in poverty to identify legal problems and get help. With robust reporting tools and user-management it has rolled out among 4 clinics in South-Central Ontario and currently expanding province-wide.

Web App

The web app greatly extends the surveys reach. By using a tablet volunteers can do multiple surveys, even in locations that don't have Internet access, like in a shopping mall, on the street, or in a park.

Web Video

The key success of the check-up is soliciting the help of other social service agencies to participate. Our video will engage curious potential agencies and convince them that using the survey with their clients will get them the help they need at the right time.

Responsive Web Design

If you\'ve ever filled out a long form on a mobile phone, you\'ll understand how important good design is. By using responsive design and displaying the survey questions in sections, we made it easy for respondents to read and answer questions in a context that will make the data more meaningful.


Robust Reporting

With a combination of automated and on-demand reporting, the survey provides valuable statistics to local clinics and project leaders, giving timely data that will be used for decision making at local and provincial levels. Present work includes an enhanced graphic interface that will convey more data in a rich and satisfying experience.

Robust Reporting

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