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Who’s in control?

A2M and paired-key authorization

Over the years we’ve seen an exponential expansion on the internet both in user base and usage potential. In it’s infancy it was a depository of information. If I wanted to learn more about a company I’d use a search engine to find the company’s website. If I wanted to share vacation photos or illustrations, I’d scan it and post it on a website. Of course communication has extended into the digital spectrum with email telephony. What we have seen is that there is a vehicle to drive information into the world forefront; giving global access of rich resources.

The introduction of server-side scripting such as Coldfusion, PHP, and ASP has brought about an avalanche demand for a personalized web experience. If you think about it, even a simple web-based email account has its foundations in such scripting. A shift was just over the horizon, where localized office work would transition to a collaborative workspace via the internet. We saw the potential for clients to be able to do more online — from up-to-the-minute data reporting to intranet infrastructures. There was demand for online tools to simplify business tasks, integrate communication, and team based productivity. As innovation leaders in customized web solutions, we began building systems to not just meet but exceed our client’s needs for document collaboration and depository, webcast communication and eBlast mailings, web offices, and much more.

With personalization, we saw the need to be able to properly manage user accounts, permissions, and access online. What we have developed was a method of establishing and maintaining user accounts, and incorporating site access control within a user-friendly web tool dubbed Active Access Management (A2M). Because not every user’s tasks are the same, neither should their web control. A2M implements a user management system that checks to make sure only certified users are accessing the appropriate pages. From the moment they login, A2M watches the user’s usage on the site, monitors for intrusions, and handles page access permissions.

At The Dunham Group Inc, we do not take secuirty and personal data lightly; in fact, A2M uses our Paired-Key authorization to make sure that only the right users with the proper key have access to secure web documents.

Active Access Management and Paired-Key authorization is our leading security infracstructure for our clients. By providing a rock-solid security system with an intuitive and easy to use management system, we help our clients bring their work to the web (even if they may be working from home).

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