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Supporting Plant Science Research

Seed Science Foundation

Seed Science Foundation has launched today with a mission to address seed and plant science challenges as well as to encourage plant breeding education and seed research in support of the ever-changing needs of the global seed industry.

Their goal is to pursue funding for public research programs in basic seed science and to explore opportunities for public and private research organizations to further their knowledge of “how seeds work the way they do.” Additionally, the SSF, which is part of the American Seed Trade Association, will set aside dollars for a “Rapid Response Fund” to be used for emergency seed trade issues as they arise.

Their memberships are designed for both firms engaged in transactions involving seed research, development, growing or selling for planting purposes, and state associations and universities. As a Seed Science Foundation member, you will be support a 501(c)(3) and provide invaluable support to the proactive and integrated source of plant science expertise for the U.S. seed industry.

There are currently six subject matter areas that have been designated as significant importance to SSF members and stakeholders:

Seed Applied Technology

Addressing seed and plant science challenges and encouraging plant breeding education and seed research in support the evolving needs of the global seed industry.

Digital Agriculture

Focusing on supply chain management and optimization, artificial intelligence, big data, and other technologies with consideration for potential collaborations between industry and academia.

Seed Health & Pathology

Identifying and prioritizing key topical areas regarding seed health and phytosanitary that would lead to increased alignment of pest targets and detection methods among countries and companies.

Seed Production Technology & Equipment

Focusing on areas that have direct or future impacts related to seed production, new and emerging technologies and advancements in seed equipment.

Seed Quality and Testing

Improving testing as a measurement tool to explore the complexity of seed quality and improve and enhance seed quality through plant breeding, production & seed health practices, and seed applied technologies.

Breeding Systems

Helping develop future plant breeders, informing the public about plant breeding, developing technical practices used in plant breeding and germ-plasm enhancement, and advocating for public plant breeding research funding.

Designing and developing this website has been a pleasure for everyone at the Dunham Group, and we are extremely excited to see what advantages this will bring to plant science and the industry worldwide!

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