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Our 5 favourite 404 pages

Dunham's 404 Page

No website is complete without a 404 page. In case you’re reading this and wondering what a 404 page is, it’s the page that catches visitors when they visit a broken page on your website. They are absolutely essential for a good user experience and search engines alike and are a must in every website we design.

Every company wants the users to have a pleasant experience when interacting with their website, and considering the frustration a broken page might cause in your visitors, some companies go the extra mile and make a custom 404 page to brighten the mood. Below is a list of some of our favorite 404 pages we have seen.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe XD 404 Page
Adobe XD 404 page

Pixar Animation

Pixar's 404 Page
Pixar 404 page


Slack's 404 Page
Slack 404 page


Spotify's 404 Page
Spotify 404 page


Disney's 404 Page
Disney 404 page


Following these examples, we have made our own 404 page a little more friendly and playful as well. Have a 404 page that you absolutely adore? Please spread the joy and leave it in the comments below for everyone to see!

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