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Virtual Events and Donation Platforms Coming Soon

We are proud to announce that we are preparing to launch two new platforms this year to help businesses cope with the obstacles caused by the pandemic. One of our platforms will help businesses create virtual events easier than ever before to help them stream events live directly through our platform, while the other is designed to help local communities gather non-monetary donations in the form of gifts.

Virtual Events

We have created a live streaming platform that is designed to help you host virtual events from any location in the world and expand your customer reach. You can create your events and customize your personalized page, perfect for a sales event, virtual conference, and various other events.

The internal messenger allows you to participate in a live chat during the event, or contact other attendees to provide you with networking opportunities the same way you would be able to at a live event.

Our rich snippets will help your event be more visible on a search engine, helping you expand your reach without having to spend large amounts of money on modifying your websites for your events.

This platform is perfect for people who want to try hosting live events for their first time or who don’t see a necessity to integrate it to their website. We will also provide custom solutions to extend the functionality and embed these events on your website after it’s hosted on our platform.

Want to be the first to try it?

We are offering discounts for early adopters who want to try out the new platform for their businesses during our Beta release. Please contact us for more information.

Give For Goods

Have you got gently used things that you don’t really use or need, but that you don’t want to see go to a landfill? Well soon you’ll be able to re-home these and help local charities at the same time! is an online rummage sale where all of the proceeds benefit local charities.

We are excited to launch both of these over the next couple of months with the hopes that it will help our community better deal with the obstacles caused by the pandemic. Please contact us today to inquire about our incentives for testing these platforms.

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