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New website: Congregation of the Resurrection (Ontario Kentucky Province)

Congregation of the Resurrection Website Design

The Congregation of the Resurrection is a group of some 50 men centred in Waterloo, Ontario and affiliated with other ‘Resurrectionists’ in the United States, Poland, and around the world.

They needed a new website to be more open and inviting, to accept donations for their popular “Celebrating the Word” publication, and last (but not least) to be right-sized for mobile browsers. The Dunham Group has created this new, engaging and responsive website using the Drupal content management system.

Visitors can read reflections, watch videos and learn about how these men are working to help the lives of local families.

Visit the new Congregation of the Resurrection website

Hi Kindly change my address. We have relocated from Kitchener to Waterloo City. Kindly direct all correspondence and the mailing of ... The Resurrection Bulletin

Hi Remy, Unfortunately this is not something we're able to help with. Please contact the Congregation of the Resurrection directly to have them update your address.

Do you have an email for Celebrating the Word...I am not able to find it online? thankyou Catharine

Good morning Catherine, Please contact Congregation of the Resurrection directly using the contact form or phone number available on their website. Hopefully someone there is able to help.

How do I access "Celebrating the Word" now? Thank you?

Hi Mary, Congregation of the Resurrection has since had their website redesigned, and unfortunately we do not know how the content has been organized. We recommend contacting them directly using the contact form or phone number available on their website. Sorry we couldn't be more help.

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