Skip to main content delivers healthy lunches to your office

Lunch Bags in Hamilton provided The Dunham Group office with two fresh lunches this week. The lunches were delicious and created with good nutrition in mind.

Michael’s Graduation

Why I’m glad I spent 3 long hours at a High School graduation ceremony.

Spring is in the air

I don’t like feeling stuck, not having options, trapped, not in control. Like I’m caught in a big snow drift.

iPhone or Blackberry: Which smartphone is right for you?

The answer is… It depends! To compare the iPhone 3, 3GS or 4 to all of the different versions of the Blackberry would be near impossible. So I will be comparing the iPhone to the Blackberry in general not one specific model. Hopefully this information will help you decide which device is right for you!

Ethics in a dog-eat-dog world

There are two ways to conduct business, and I know which side I sit on…

Drawing the boundaries

The internet has introduced a whole new level of communication into our society and our lives but it brings with it a significant danger.

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